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NameYing-Hao Yu (Conan)
Office roomRoom 323, EE
GroupComputer Engineering
Job titleAssistant Professor
DisciplineHigh-speed Digital System Design
Design and Manufacturing of Microprocessor
Robotic Controls and Sensing
DSP Control and Application Designs
Computer Organization
Advanced FPGA Designs
Research expertiseComputer Vision;
Robotic Controls;
Artificial Intelligence;
System on Chip;
Embedded System
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Educational background summary
School nameCountryDepartmentDegreeStarting date
University of Technology, SydneyAustraliaFaculty of Engineering and ITPh.D2008-03 ~ 2011-06

Publications (Last 5 Years)

  1. Journal Articles
    1. 2018 Ying-Hao Yu, Tsu-Tian Lee, Pei-Yin Chen, and Ngaiming Kwok,2018,On-chip real-time feature extraction using semantic annotation for object recognition,Journal of Real-time Image Processing,15,2,pp249-264 (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2017 N. Michael Mayer and Ying-Hao Yu,2017,Orthogonal Echo State Networks and stochastic evaluations of likelihoods,Cognitive Computation,9,3,pp379-390 (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2017 Haiyan Shi, Ngaiming Kwok, Gu Fang, Stephen Ching-Feng Lin, Ann Lee, Huaizhong Li, and Ying-Hao Yu,2017,Gradient-guided color image contrast and saturation enhancement,International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems,14,3, (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2016 Chin Yeow Wong; Guannan Jiang; Md Arifur Rahman; Shilong Liu; Stephen Ching-Feng Lin; Ngaiming Kwok; Haiyan Shi; Ying-Hao Yu; Tonghai Wu,2016,Histogram Equalization and Optimal Profile Compression based Approach for Colour Image Enhancement,Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, (其他) 余英豪(Conan)
      2016 Lin SCF; Wong CY; Jiang G; Rahman MA; Ren TR; Kwok N; Shi H; Yu YH; Wu T,2016,Intensity and edge based adaptive unsharp masking filter for color image enhancement,OPTIK,127, (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2015 Jiang G; Lin SCF; Wong CY; Rahman MA; Ren TR; Kwok N; Shi H; Yu YH; Wu T,2015,Color image enhancement with brightness preservation using a histogram specification approach,OPTIK,126, (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2015 S.C.F. Lin, C.Y. Wong, M.A. Rahman, G. Jiang, S. Liu, Ngaiming Kwok, Haiyan Shi, Ying-Hao Yu, Tonghai Wu,2015,Image enhancement using the averaging histogram equalization (AVHEQ) approach for contrast improvement and brightness preservation,Computers and Electrical Engineering,46,pp356-370 (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2015 Ngaiming Kwok, Haiyan Shi, Gu Fang, Quang Ha, Ying-Hao Yu, Tonghai Wu, Huaizhong Li, and Thai Nguyen,2015,Color Image Enhancement Using Correlated Intensity and Saturation Adjustments,Journal of Modern Optics, (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
      2014 Ying-Hao Yu, Tsu-Tian Lee, Ngai-Ming Kwok, and Pei-Yin Chen,2014,Chip-based adaptive skin color detection using trajectory constraints on hue,Visualization in Engineering,2,1, (其他) 余英豪(Conan)
      2014 G. Jiang, C.Y.Wong, S.C.F. Lin, M.A. Rahman, T.R. Ren, Ngaiming Kwok, Haiyan Shi, Ying-Hao Yu and Tonghai Wu,2014,Image Contrast Enhancement with Brightness Preservation Using an Optimal Gamma Correction and Weighted-Sum Approach,Journal of Modern Optics, (SCI) 余英豪(Conan)
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