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NameYuan-Sun Chu
Office_Hour每週一 第8,9節
Office roomRoom351
Job titleProfessor
Research expertise計算機結構、
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Journal paper summary
2013Yi-Mao Hsiao, Yuan-Sun Chu, Jeng-Farn Lee and Jinn-Shyan Wang,2013,A High-throughput and High-capacity IPv6 Routing Lookup System,A High-throughput and High-capacity IPv6 Routing Lookup System,57,pp782-794 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2012Yi-Mao Hsiao, Chia-Hsiang Chen, Jeng-Farn Lee and Yuan-sun Chu,2012,Designing and Implementing a Scalable Video-Streaming System Using an Adaptive Control Scheme,IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,58,4,pp1314-1322 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2012Yi-Mao Hsiao, Ming-Jen Chen, Yuan-Sun Chu and Chung_Hsum Huang,2012,High-Throughput Intrusion Detection System with Parallel Pattern Matching,IEICE Electronics Express (ELEX),9,18,pp1467-1472 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2011Yi-Mao Hsiao, Jeng-Farn Lee, Jai-Shiarng Chen and Yuan-Sun Chu,2011,"H.264 Video Transmissions over Wireless Networks: Challenges and Solutions,",Computer Communications,Volumw 34,Issue 14,pp1661-1672 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2011Tsung-Hsien, Liu, Jin-Yi Jiang, and Yuan-Sun Chu,2011,"A Low-Cost MMSE-SIC Detector for the MIMO System: Algorithm and Hardware Implementation," ,IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II,vol. 58,no. 1,pp56-61 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Kuan Hung Chen and Yuan Sun Chu,2009,"A Spurious Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications," ,IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I,vol.56,no.1,pp132-143 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2008Tsung Heng Tsai, Yi Jen Chen, Chi Fang Li, Guo Hua Po and Yuan Sun Chu,2008,A Low-Power Synchronizer for Multi-standard Wireless communications,IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II,vol.55,n0.8,pp826-830 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2008Chi-Fang Li, Yuan Sun Chu, Jan-Shin Ho, and Wern-Ho Sheen,2008,Cell Search in WCDMA under Large Frequency and Clock Errors: Algorithms to Hardware Implementation,IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems,Vol.55,No.2,pp659-671 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007Kuan Hung Chen and Yuan Sun Chu,2007,A Low-power Multiplier with the Supurious Power Suppression Technique,IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems,vol.15,no.7,pp846-850 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2006Chih-Da Chin, Keng-Po Lu, Yu-Min Chen, Juin-Yin Guo, Yuan-Sun Chu and Ching-Lung Su,2006,"An Area Efficient Variable Length Decoder IP Core Design for MPEG-1/2/4 Video Coding Applications,IEEE Transactions Circuits and Systems Video Technology.,pp1172-1178 (SCI),(EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
Seminar paper summary
2011Yi-Mao Hsiao, Wan-Ting Liu, Wei-Shan Chen, Yung-wei Lu and Yuan-Sun Chu,"Design and Implementation of a Healthcare System with Fall Detection ," IEEE ISBB 2011, Suzhou, China, 3-5 November, 2011.(EI),2011/11/03-2011/11/05 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2011Jui-Pin Yang and Yuan-Sun Chu,“Pushout with Differentiated Dropping for High Speed Networks," ICTTA 2011, May 2-4, Sydney Ausstralia, May 2011. (EI),2011/05/02-2011/05/04 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2010Yi-Mao Hsiao, Su-Wei Yeh, Jai-Shiarng Chen and Yuan-Sun Chu," A Design of Bandwidth Adaptive Multimedia Gateway for Scalable Video Coding," IEEE APCCAS, Malaysia Dec.6-8. 2010. (EI),2010/12/06-2010/12/08 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2010Kheng-Joo Tan, Hsin-Yi Li, Bing-Tsung Wu, Dou-Cheng Chang, Jia-Wei Gong, Yi-Mao Hsiao, Yung-Chung Chen, Shi-Wu Lo, Yuan-Sun Chu, and Jiun-In Guo,"A Remote Thin Client System for Real Time Multimedia Streaming over VNC," IEEE ICME 2010, Singapore, July 19-23, 2010. (EI),2010/07/19-2010/07/23 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2010Yi-Mao Hsiao, Feng-Pin Chang, and Yuan-Sun Chu, "High Speed Multimedia Network ASIC Design for H.264/AVC," IEEE ICIEA 2010, Taichung, Taiwan, June 15-17, 2010 (EI),2010/06/15-2010/06/17 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2010Ming-Jen Chen, Yi-Mao Hsiao, Yuan-Sun Chu and Po-Hui Yang,"Documents Relationship Creation with Vocabulary Probability Analysis," WASET 2010, Tokyo, Japan, May26-28, 2010. (EI),2010/05/26-2010/05/28 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Yi-Mao Hsiao, Ming-Jen Chen, Kuo-Chang Huang , Yuan-Sun Chu and Ching-Wei Yeh,"High Speed UDP/IP ASIC Design," IEEE ISPACS 2009, Kanazawa, Japan, December 7-9, 2009.(EI),2009/12/07-2009/12/09 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Yi-Mao Hsiao, Ming-Jen Chen, Yu-Jen Hsiao, Hui-Kai Su and Yuan-Sun Chu,"A Fast Update Scheme for TCAM-Based IPv6 Routing Lookup Architecture," IEEE APCC, Shanghei China, Oct.2009.(EI),2009/10/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Ching-Lung Chang, Jia-Yi Syu and Yuan Sun Chu,"Zero Packet Loss Hand off Mechanism in SIP-based Wireless Network," IEEE IAS-2009 Xian China Aug. 2009.(EI),2009/08/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Ming-Jen Chen, Kuan-Ping Chien, Chia-Ying Huang , Bo-Chao Cheng and Yuan-Sun Chu, ,“An ASIC for SMTP Intrusion Prevention System,” IEEE ISCAS, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2009 (EI),2009/05/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2009Ming-Jen Chen, Yi-Mao Hsiao, Jung-Hsien Hsiao and Yuan-Sun Chu," Concept Map Construction for Search Engine based on Chinese Vocabulary Analysis," GCCCE 2009, Taipei, Taiwan, May 2009. (EI),2009/05/00 (EI),(其他)Yuan-Sun Chu
2008Yi-Mao Hsiao, Te-Jung Lo, Yuan-Sun Chu and Shi-Wu Lo,"Low Power 32-bit UniRISC with Power Block Manager," APCCAS 2008, Macao, China, Dec.2008.(EI),2008/12/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2008Yi-Mao Hsiao, Ming-Jen Chen, Yier Chen,Yuan-Sun Chu and Cheng-Shong Wu,”Design and Implementation of Pipelined DRR ASIC” APCC2008 The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications. Tokyo Japan, Oct.2008.(EI),2008/10/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2008Wu-Hong Tsai and Yuan-Sun Chu," A Core Migration Method to Minimize Inter-Destination Delay," IEEE AINA-2008 International Conference. Okinawa, Japan,Mar.2008.(EI),2008/03/00 (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007A High-Speed/Low-Power Multiplier Using an Advanced Spurious Power Suppression Technique, (其他)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007An Architecture of Accelerating Real-Time Multimedia for Networking Applications, (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007An Integrated Approach for QoS-Aware Multicast Tree Maintenance, (其他)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007SIPS: A Stateful and Flow-Based Intrusion Prevention System for Email Applications, (其他)Yuan-Sun Chu
2007IP Local Node Protection," ICSNC 2007, (EI)Yuan-Sun Chu
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