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NameYu-Te Liao
Personal websitehttp://wisl.ee.ccu.edu.tw
Job titlePart Time Assistant Professor
Journal paper summary
2012Yu-Te Liao,Huanfen Yao, Andrew Lingley, Babak Parviz,and Brian Otis,A 3 $\mu$W CMOS Glucose Sensor for Wireless Contact Lens Tear Glucose Monitoring,IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC), (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2012H. Yao, Y. Liao, A. R. Lingley, A. Afanasiev, I. Lähdesmäki, B. P. Otis, and B. A. Parviz,A contact lens with integrated telecommunication circuit and sensors for wireless and continuous tear glucose monitoring,Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2011Y.-T. Liao, W. Biederman, and B. Otis,A fully integrated CMOS accelerometer using bondwire inertial sensing, IEEE Sensors Journal,11,1,pp114-122 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2011A. R. Lingley, M. Ali, Y. Liao, R. Mirjalili, M. Klonner, M. Sopanen, S. Suihkonen, T. Shen, B. P. Otis, H. Lipsanen, and B. A. Parviz,A single-pixel wireless contact lens display,Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering,21, (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2010Jagdish Pandey, Yu-Te Liao, Andrew Lingley, Babak Parviz, and Brian Otis,A fully integrated RF powered functional contact lens with a single element display,IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Circuits and Systems,4,6,pp454-461 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2007H.-H. Hsieh, Y.-T. Liao and L.-H. Lu,A compact quadrature hybrid MMIC using CMOS active inductors,IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech.,55,6,pp 1098-1104 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2006L.-H. Lu, H.-H. Hsieh, and Y.-T. Liao,A wide tuning-range CMOS VCO with a differential tunable active inductor,IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech.,54,9,pp3462-3468 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2005L.-H. Lu and Y.-T. Liao,2005,A 4-GHz phase shifter MMIC in 0.18-m CMOS,IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters,15,10,pp694-696 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
2005L.-H. Lu, Y.-T. Liao, and C.-R. Wu,A miniaturized Wilkinson power divider with CMOS active inductors,IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters,15,11,pp775-777 (SCI)Yu-Te Liao
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101USA Patent2012-09-00 
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