Computer Engineering
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorAlan Liuartificial intelligence, software engineering, knowledge-based systems, intelligent agent systemsaliu@ee.ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorHuei-Yung LinComputer Vision, Machine Learning, Roboticslin@ee.ccu.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorNorbert Michael MayerNeural Network,
Machine Learning,
Humanoid Robot,
Soccer Robot,
Human-Machine Interaction,
Rapid Prototyping
Assistant ProfessorYing-Hao Yu (Conan)Computer Vision;
Robotic Controls;
Artificial Intelligence;
System on Chip;
Embedded System
Signal and Intelligent Computing
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorOscal Tzyh-Chiang ChenAudio Visual Processing and Understanding, Context Awareness, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, VLSI Systems and RF Chip Design, Photoelectric and Biomedical Sensors, IoT applications, Extended Reality (VR/AR/MR)oscal@ee.ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorWen-Nung LieImage/video processing;
Infrared opti-electric imaging system;
Computer vision;
3D stereo video;
Pattern recongnition
Professor and ChairmanSung-Nien YuBiomedical Signal Processing, Medical Image Analysis, Computer-aided Diagnosis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Medical Electronics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Biomedical Sensing, Mobile Healthcareieesny@ccu.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorRachel ChiangDigital signal processing, image/video processing, image/video coding, immersive image/video coding and streaming, biomedical applications, artificial intelligence
Communication and Networking
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorTing-Chao HouComputer Networks, Performance Analysis, Communication Protocols, Wireless Networks, Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturingieetch@ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorCheng-Shong WuComputer Network;
Network Design and Analysis;
Communication Theory;
Queueing Theory
ProfessorSteven S. W. LeeOptical and Broadband Networking;
Network Planning and Network Management;
Survivable Network Design;
Mathematical Programming & Network Optimization
ProfessorBo-Chao ChengNetwork Security;
Embedded Real-Time System;
Network Management
Associate ProfessorJen-Yi PanInternet and
Local Area Network, Mobile and personal communication system, System level simulator
ProfessorHuang-Chen LeeLow Power Embedded System, Internet of Thing Communication Technology, Wireless Sensor Network, Mesh Network, Machine Monitoring, Operating System, Mobile Phone, Mobility Model.huclee@ccu.edu.tw
Assistant ProfessorYuan-Yao ShihWireless and Mobile Network
5G Internet of Things
Intelligent Edge Fog/Edge Computing
Communication Systems
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorMao-Ching ChiuCoding Theory, Wireless Communicationsieemcc@ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorTsung-Hsien LiuDesign of communication baseband receivers、Signal processing for communicationscomtsliu@ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorChia-Chang Humillimeter-wave massive MIMO communication systems, relay-assisted cooperative communications, adaptive array signal processingjameshu183@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorChang-Ming LeeError correcting code;
Joint source-channel coding;
Cloud computing;
Video processing
Assistant ProfessorWei-Cheng LiuUnmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) communications.comwcliu@ccu.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorYi-Sheng SuCommunications, communication networks, coding theory, information theory, machine learning yishengsu@ccu.edu.tw
Electromagnetic Integrated Circuits and Systems
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorShengfuh ChangRF and microwave modules;
RF and microwave integrated citcuits;
Electromagnetic compatibility;
IC packaging
ProfessorChing-Wen TangSoMLC design;
RF circuits design;
RF multilayer-circuit design;
RF thin-film citcuit design
ProfessorChia-Chan ChangRF, Microwave, and millimeter-Wave circuit design;
Antenna array and beamforming circuity design;
Radar-based application development.
Associate ProfessorJanne-Wha WuRF integrated circuits;
High frequency property analysis;
Multi-chip communication module design
ProfessorShih-Cheng LinRF and microwave circuits; Array antennas; Microwave passive components; RF device modelingsclinee@ccu.edu.tw
System on Chips
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorChingwei YehEmbedded system designs, VLSI circuit and system designs, Software and hardware designs of neural networks for speech and image processingieecwy@ccu.edu.tw
Distinguished ProfessorJ.S. WangSoC Design;
Low-power/Low-voltage Integrated Circuit Design;
Variation-tolerance Nanometer Integrated Circuit Design;
Embedded Memory Design;
Ultra-Low Voltage Integrated Circuit Design;
ProfessorYuan-Sun ChuVLSI circuit and system designs, Communication IC designs, Multimedia IC designs, Breathing acoustic and voice signal processingchu@ee.ccu.edu.tw
ProfessorTsung-Heng TsaiBiomedical Integrated Circuit and System;
Design (Analog Front-end, Sensor interface, Transducer);
Power Electronics Integrated Circuit Design (Energy Harvesting, DC-DC Converter);
Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design (Data Converters, ADC/DAC);
ProfessorChung-Hsun HuangHigh-performance digital IC design、Low power digital system and circuit designs、Power management IC、Display controller ICieechh@ccu.edu.tw
Electric Power, Renewable Energy, and Power Electronics
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
ProfessorGwo-Ruey YuControl Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Green Energy, Mechatronicsieegwoyu@ccu.edu.tw
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
Chair Professor and Vice PresidentWen-Kung ChangPower system;
Power quality;
Smart grid;
Renewable Energy;
Active Power Filtering
ProfessorYuan-Kang WuRenewable Energy Integration, Wind Generation, Solar Generation, Deregulated Electricity Market, Power System Analysisallenwu@ccu.edu.tw
Assistant ProfessorYu-Jen LiuPower system simulation;
Renewable energy
Part Time Teacher
Job titleNameResearch expertiseE-mail
Associate ProfessorYuan-Chih ChangMotor driver;
Generation system;
Power electronics;
Assistant ProfessorHong-Lu WangElectrical Distribution Engineeringw8697@ms38.hinet.net
ProfessorChun-Ming HuangSoC System Designcmhuang@narlabs.org.tw
Assistant ProfessorGerald RauEnglish technical writing

Advanced English Technical Writing
Associate ProfessorChiung Hon LeeInformation Innovation, Introduction to Artificial Intelligencecholee@fcu.edu.tw
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